17 August 2020
> Message from Peter Coldrick:
> It is my sad duty to inform you that Jan Richardson died yesterday.
> I will be contacting Jan’s family about funeral arrangements and will let you know.

Sad ending to a long association. Spirited away by a gigolo on a QM2 Atlantic crossing would have been 
a more appropriate exit for a character like Jan .
She has entertained us for > 30 years. I hope Coronavirus will permit us to give her a good send off.

Keith Brown

Mary and I still play out a Barry-and-Janet scene - when the Hash was having its apres at one of the British Embassy offices in downtown Brussels. Barry wanted to go home, Janet had a drink on the go. Altercation...
So Barry stomps off and gets a drink. Ten minutes later, Janet’s ready to go, tells Barry, who snaps “Can’t you see I’m having a drink?”. More altercation, and Janet goes off and gets another drink.... after an hour or so, they still hadn’t managed to get synchronized to leave!
RIP, both of them.
Tony F

I am so sorry to hear that Jan has died - I had not known that she was ill.
To me, a hasher mainly of the 80s and early 90s, she was one of the core people of the Brussels Hash, running and partying with seemingly undimmed energy and style down the years, despite her tiny frame.  
All good wishes and sympathies to her sister and children.
Sally Sadler x 

In addition to the permanent smile of Janet, her kindness with the then little Eléonore, and all qualities you highlighted, I would like to evoke her cooking’s skills, which we and our friends very much appreciated at the time at Boisfort - I still remember an enormous ham so traditionally prepared for a Christmas party…
Hearing of her passing is very sad news,  Jocelyne (and Eléonore)

In the somewhat vituperative days of Barry and Jan there was an exchange between them I kinda valued

Barry - You've got the wrong end of the stick Janet.....as usual! (Which she had!)

Janet - Well, that is no call for you to be rude, now is it?

Somehow she had won the exchange.

So long old pal.

Hugh D

So very sad and shocked to hear the news of Jan’s death. 
We had a great run together and chat at Marleen’s Hash just a few months ago.  So happy to have seen her on that occasion as hadn’t hashed for (won’t say how many) years !  She was in excellent form. 
RIP Jan.

The news of Jan's passing is deeply saddening. She will be greatly missed.


Dreadfully sad news.


That’s terrible news. I didn’t realise Jan’s illness was so serious.  Very sad, we will all miss her.  

Alison S. 

What sad news! Jan was such a lovely person and will be greatly missed! I can hardly believe it.


I’m so sorry to hear that. I had no idea she was ill. She was always so vivacious. Condolences ti her family .
Lin Lloyd

I was so sorry to hear about Jan’s passing and feel a real character of the Brussels Hash has been lost.
I knew her both as a fellow hasher but also, with Barry, as parents of Oisin and Jamie who were students at BSB. They became pretty good runners in their own right, as I recall, just like their parents.

If you are in touch with Jan’s sons, please pass on my condolences to them and all the family. She will be greatly missed, an amazingly cheerful and positive person who was fun and irrepressible. Many a good time was had with Jan on Hash weekends away!

Rest in Peace Jan.

Julie Thompson

We too were so sad to hear about Jan. She was totally irrepressible, smiled through everything life threw at her and always bounced back. We’ll remember her with great  affection.

Julian and Kathy

Oh, we are so sorry to hear about Jan. She was amazing, never letting things get her down. Our friend. It was through Jan & Barry’s contact from Hong Kong that we were able to found the Stockholm Hash with an ex-HK Hasher.
Our sincere condolences to her sons.
Jan & Gösta

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